After fighting my way through physical therapy I was able to thankfully return to work. But my many months away from the roads and trails left me discouraged, lost, overweight and undertrained.

I was always a self-coached runner but I didn’t know where to start after having such an injury. Coach Judy came highly recommended and we hit it off right away. Her knowledge, experience, training and encouragement helped me to literally get back on my feet.

Her flexible coaching style has allowed me to bring my years of experience into my training to create an individualized and unique training plan tailored to my personal goals. She makes it feel like I am getting advice from a good friend instead of a standard training plan from a rigid coach.

I am finally out there doing what I love again! But with her guidance I am training smarter, making better use of my training time and seeing impressive improvements all while running easier than I once did.

Coach Judy is a mentor, coach and friend who has helped me overcome the worst physical injury of my life. I am back as a runner But now I am looking forward to being an even better runner in the future with her help!”

– Mark Sands

I had been a runner in college, which had been more than 30 years ago. Then, I stopped.

All of these years, it had been my dream to become a runner again. But, after several surgeries and massive weight gain, I had resigned myself to the fact that was not to be.

Then, I met Judy and joined her Walk To Run Program. I just finished a 2 ½ mile walk for charity and will be running my first 5K since 1979 in a few weeks. Now, I can say, I’m a runner again!

– Connie Green

This year I wanted to increase my endurance and complete my first Marathon in 2017. I hired Judy Mick as my coach to hold me accountable and to develop a marathon training plan that would allow me to run Walt Disney World Marathon with a goal of finishing and having a quick recovery. Judy, answered my questions along the way and was very supportive. I am happy to report that I did not miss one training run, finished the marathon successfully and recovered quickly. I highly recommend, Judy Mick, if you have specific running goals you want to meet.

– Lisa Ledman

Judy helped me achieve something I thought I would never ever do – enjoy running. I’ve known Judy for many years and her endless passion for running is evident in her mentoring and coaching.

She helped me train for my very first 10K; her tips, strategies, and training program were spot on! Judy’s words of encouragement, belief in me, and enthusiasm for running pushed me to achieve something I thought I would never ever do. She even ran the last mile of my 10 K with me…..she is truly an amazing athlete, coach, and friend.”

– Anita Aaron

Coach Judy is one of the most inspirational people I know.

She has so much experience and advice to share, and I loved every minute of working with her. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach in training for my first marathon. Not only did she plan out my weekly schedule personalized to my ability and goals, she was also there whenever I had a question about a workout, injuries or just needed to reschedule a run.

More importantly, she was a constant motivator throughout the entire process. Whenever I doubted myself, or had a bad run she was there to build me up and get me back into my running shoes.

I have recommended Coach Judy to several friends already and I highly recommend Coach Judy to anyone with running goals and aspirations.

– Beth Chan

I would like to offer a personal testimony. First off, i never had the advantage or running with you as a coach. I can only imagine how much that would have enhanced my training. What i do know is that i had a huge mental block about my capabilities to steady run. You “coached me from afar” and the first time i ran 20 minutes solid, I was shocked. I remember posting on FB about it and all the encouragement you gave me. Your instruction, motivation and encouragement was phenominal. I learned so much. Then (did i tell you this?) I went BACK and redid each day of training from the beginning. THEN i ran an 8 hour endurance race..and i ran EIGHT HOURS straight. Admittedly, i walked a good deal..my point is. I lasted 8 hours and KNEW i could do it…i had the base. So thanks Coach Judy Mick…you are awesome!

– Ellen Biagini-Loftus

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